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 Bug reports/altering settings

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Bug reports/altering settings Empty
PostSubject: Bug reports/altering settings   Bug reports/altering settings EmptyThu May 31, 2012 2:15 am

Bug fixes for trobeano:

-Remove the ability to lock items in pvp

-Remove /tp and /tpa commands from pvp

-Remove /ban /tempban from pvp world

-Remove /mc from pvp world

-Download Recommended build 3 if not already

-Fix lb so it lb’s chest items (this is possible it has been
stated on the lb website)

-Get a new anti-x-ray plugin

-Fix tnt placement in pvp

-Fix fire spread in pvp and using flint and steal

(The 2 above do work but not for all ranks as tested by me
and others)

Feel free to post more if you find any

Bug reports/altering settings MUST_k1LLBug reports/altering settings Mca
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Bug reports/altering settings
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