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 The March to Glory!

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The March to Glory! Empty
PostSubject: The March to Glory!   The March to Glory! EmptyTue May 29, 2012 2:36 am

Name of the Battle: The March to Glory!

Attacking party: Maktorex!

Defending Party: Unforgiven and its' allies!

War type: Conquest

Lore behind the attack:
Jack Runs to the top of the walls at the MactoRexs' Base, he hitches his bow over his shoulder, and lowers his sword down into its sheath. Jack Looks around, the sweat dripping from his brow. He begins to wipe it away, casting his gaze along the firey mountains, dripping with Lava, where Unforgiven and its allies, roamed freeley, destroying poorly established factions, and there they lay, in ruins, not a soul in sight. Jack Shook in anger, feeling the blood boil inside of him, he tore his bow from his shoulder and flung an arrow, disappearing into the fog of the night.

He proceeded to climb off the walls, bumping into The MaktoRex, or the pain king, as he likes to be called, he slowly slid his helmet off, and they walked into the confrence room, in the royal district. Jack told the king, all of unforgivens deeds, they have comitted, The Rex stood up, rapidly unclipping his sword, he then threw it, like a dart, straight into the door, just at the time prince James came bursting in, The rex said nothing, then ordered James to Rally the troops, and send s scout.

After days, The army had become Strong! Jack smiled, knowing he could trust his safety in these mens hands, looking around at the civillians. "It is Time.." He smiles to the Rex and they jump onto their horses, laiden with food, waving goodbye to the inncoents and trotting out of the gates, with the Militia following behind them embarking on the journey, that may be their last.

The royal guards, walk adjacent with the horses, and light up the arrows, before they leave, firing one each into the air, a barrage of fire, steams over the departing party, and chants can be heard from the town "For The King, For the Prince! for Maktorex!" and the clack of marching soldiers disappears, as they plan to conquest first of many enemies! They rub their hands, imagining what they could plunder from those fragile locks....

They chuckle as they leave, confident that the army can help them through. smiling behind the finely crafted helmets!

Terms and conditions: Enchanted weapons are allowed, and armour too, potions are NOT allowed.

Date/time of the war: anywhere from 6-8pm 28/5/2012 <--- May be subject to change

Any Replies MUST be in a Roleplay format. Like the lore above.

Also, I cannot accept this. as I WROTE IT. one of the app team to accept this please.
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PostSubject: Re: The March to Glory!   The March to Glory! EmptyTue May 29, 2012 2:38 am

The March to Glory! Dalopue120
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The March to Glory!
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