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 War Claim Application Form!

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War Claim Application Form! Empty
PostSubject: War Claim Application Form!   War Claim Application Form! EmptyTue May 29, 2012 2:16 am

Name of the Battle:

Attacking party:

Defending Party:

War type: (Pillage? Seige? Conquest?)

Note: ALL warclaims let you kill, you just have to stick to your aim, e.g You choose pillage, you cannot greif!

Pillage: plunder - loot - sack - rob - maraud - ransack - despoil - Stealing basically.

Seige: Forcing the other side to surrender, be it cutting off supplies, or killing the leader, break down the defences to storm your way in! Generally ruining the place down, You can greif in this conquest! but you cannot steal.

Conquest: This is when you go to the enemy fort, to conquer the land, and take it all for yourself. You can steal and greif, but the land is yours at the end of it, so think wisely! this basically lets you kill them all and take the things. Note: whatever fort you take, must keep active, and not made deralict, also, the attacking side can re-apply for war within 24 hours of being taken.

Lore behind the attack: (( small biography, informing us on the lead up to the war, it must be mostly true, but can slightly bend the truth, this needs time taken on it, it is what will get you accepted or denied))

Terms and conditions:

Date/time of the war:
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War Claim Application Form!
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