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 _Parkesy Application for forum admin

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_Parkesy Application for forum admin Empty
PostSubject: _Parkesy Application for forum admin   _Parkesy Application for forum admin EmptyMon May 28, 2012 10:53 pm

Real name: Reece Parkes

In game name: _Parkesy

Age: 15

Position/Rank you are applying for: Forum Admin

Why you wish to become staff: I was a Moderator but was demoted because of downtime, but I don't want to do modreqs as I cannot always be on the server, however I can always access the forum because I can get it on my phone. I also want to help with the running of the server 'behind the scenes' if you will as I have been on it for so long I feel it is time to give something back to the nerds Jack and Dave etc. for having the server up for me to play on with everyone else. I understand there are low staff on the forum team so I thought I'd help out.
Another factor for me wanting to become a staff is the ability to let people enjoy the server, as people will want to work their way up through the ranks and be able to enjoy that, and me and the other forum mods can set a high bar for the ranks so that it is exciting for people aiming to be ranked up, and going through their journey on Trobeano.

Time playing: Nearly a year

Something about you: I'm organised (sort of) and am capable with finances etc. (just in case you became an extremely popular server and had to cope with loads of donations and payouts). I also enjoy many things as you know.

Time played on Trobeano: Nearly a year

Any other information: I am also very accessible for anybody on Trobeano with many links for them to reach me by if i am not on the forum or the server. I have also designed an app (released around Friday) and I also came up with the idea for a newsletter which me and JackABeano are working on.

I realize this is my forum mod application, but I feel it is as qualified for this position too.
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_Parkesy Application for forum admin Empty
PostSubject: Re: _Parkesy Application for forum admin   _Parkesy Application for forum admin EmptyTue May 29, 2012 3:12 am

_Parkesy Application for forum admin Dalopue120
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_Parkesy Application for forum admin
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