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 The current Ranks you can be

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The current Ranks you can be Empty
PostSubject: The current Ranks you can be   The current Ranks you can be EmptyMon May 14, 2012 12:04 am

The current Ranks that are on TroBeano are listed below

In Game Ranks:

someone who is brand new to the server and has not been here for long who may require help.

someone who has played on the server and successfully signed up to the website. These people get a light green suffix next to there name to show they have signed up to the website.

A great builder someone who has built many things like pixel art, buildings and all sorts of artwork. These a dedicated builders and have great talent due to them being great builders with many creations they are allowed to set a few more homes.

someone who has played the server for a very long time and is respected by most its members This person is very trustworthy and in being so gets a new command.

someone who is training up learning the basics of being a moderator they get a lot more commands being as they need them.

someone who is fully pledged to help the people on the server who zones buildings. these people get access to commands to help keep the server safe and clean of spammers

a advanced version of moderator who can do everything a mod can but more they serve the server well.

someone of the utmost importance who are just like admins they can perform every command nearly they are just like admins.

Only 2 of them in game Jackabeano and Tromania they both strive to keep the server under control and everyone happy.They invented TroBeano and aim it to be at it's best at all times

Special Ranks:


Someone who is helping develop the website this person is given special credit with a rank and gets a few bonus commands in game

someone who has donated money to the server to keep it up and running they get little bonuses depending on how much they donate.Some of there new commands and bonuses are listed below:

-/kit : this command displays all the kits donators can use
-/tpa and /tpahere : allow you to teleport to people and teleport them to you
-/warp : allow you to teleport to set places
- free in game money of up to 20000 coins depending on your donation
- more homes
- make gates and bridges
more info on these can be found on the donation page on

also these people get access to a unique new world where you can go into creative-mode


a rank given to moderators who have donated there is no difference between them and moderators but they do get to a better looking and flashier in game name.

Web-site Ranks:

Usually have a black colored name they can browse the forums unknown or anonymously and comment on certain topics

Light green in name they may browse the forums as known players they may comment and review on most topics and are also all members in game

People who have donated in game even get a special rank on the forums to stand out and show they donated


People who can look at any topic and post on most they are the people who keep the forums clean and tidy


only 3 in total at the moment they strive to keep everything neat and tidy who can post on any topic and acess any topic they also rate and control the application's list's
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The current Ranks you can be
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