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 Layout for Staff positions

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PostSubject: Layout for Staff positions   Tue May 29, 2012 3:21 am

Old format has been deleted, Please use this one instead ~JackABeano~
Real name:

*In game name:


*Position/Rank you are applying for:

*Why you wish to become a member of staff/why you wish to advance up in staff:
be at least 3 or more paragraphs long of any size)

*How long do you play daily?:

*Time-Zone: : EST-standard

*Have you any experience of being
mod or its commands:
(it is recommended as you are more likely to be
accepted - Only if you are applying for moderator, not needed for forum)

*A small description about yourself:

*Time played on Trobeano:
(if its less than 4 months you might not be accepted
as moderator)

Any other information:

if you do not follow the bracket guidelines your app form will be denied straight away without reason they are there for you to follow

All questions marked out with a *
must be answered or your app will straight away be denied

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Layout for Staff positions
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