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 My mod app

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My mod app Empty
PostSubject: My mod app   My mod app EmptyFri Aug 24, 2012 4:48 am

*In game name: wardie55


*Position/Rank you are applying for: Moderator

*Why you wish to become a member of staff/why you wish to advance up in staff: I would like to become a mod as i would like to get more involved in the stuff the server builds and other things also i have been on the server since it started pretty much

I would like to help people out more because if they ask for help they usually want a mod and i think i am pretty good at helping people for what they need

I also think i am a pretty good builder so when the server are building i think i could expand on ideas and try to make the building look as good as possible.

*How long do you play daily?: 1-2 hours a day

*Time-Zone: : EST-standard

*Have you any experience of being
mod or its commands: I have been a mod on other servers but they have closed down but i think i can still remember some commands

*A small description about yourself: I play for the south of England in basketball

*Time played on Trobeano: Nearly a year since they server started
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My mod app
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