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 Plug in suggestion: MCMMO

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PostSubject: Re: Plug in suggestion: MCMMO   Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:08 am

I do not know why, but this has never really crossed my mind, I really do like your reasoning behind this, i will talk with tro and see how soon we can implement this into the server.

Thank you for your contribution.

Le' Admin of TroBeano PM me for ANY issues you may have.

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PostSubject: Plug in suggestion: MCMMO   Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:39 am

So I'm still new to the Server and all the plug ins but i have noticed that one of the best plugins (in my opion) are not apart of this so far amazing server its the MCMMO plug in its my favorite because i like feeling like when im in a mine im not only looking for resources but also training my mining level. three reason i think this plug in would be perfect is

1. it gives an extra touch to the server
2. it gives the players something more to work for (being the highest in all the land!)
3. the perks the levels give you are amazing (ie. Mining levels= .01% chance to get double ores from blocks)
and i know three is all thats needed but oh well 4!
4. there is just so many things to train (mining excavation, herbalism, bare hand combat, swords, archery, taiming (animals), fishing and even repairing tools. i think it would be an excelent addition to Trobeano xD
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Plug in suggestion: MCMMO
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