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 my mod app

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PostSubject: my mod app   my mod app EmptySun Jun 10, 2012 2:11 am

*In game name: truecanadian5250


*Position/Rank you are applying for:moderator Very Happy

*Why you wish to become a member of staff:because i don't want to be a waste of space on this server. I have spent much of my time on servers building, fighting, mining or just plain fooling around. If i was a moderator, i could help people climb their ranks. Its no fun if your stuck being a guest on some server forever and never having a good time with the other, higher ranks. I could help people achieve architect by zoning off their areas for epic, awesome sights soaring high figures that will improve ratings for this server. But to me, this server isn't just any server. It has made me friends that are fun, it has taught me not to give up if somethings to hard to handle, or if i die and lose every thing to go back and build from the ground up, to have the feeling of glory when you have completed your goals. I have spent much time thinking, how can i help others? Let me ask you a question. Do you play games for fun, competition, or just plain passing the time by? If you play Minecraft for any of those reasons, then me being a moderator can help you get that satisfaction. thank you for reading this, peace off.

*How long do you play daily?:on weekends, pretty much the whole day, and i check in two or three times a week.

*Time-Zone: : CST

*Have you any experience of being
mod or its commands: yes, on three other servers i was a mod/donator; turtlecraft, fightcraft, and cherrybombz, and me and my friend run a server.

*A small description about yourself: I'm just an ordinary 14 year old popular boy, hot girl, used to smoke weed, I quit because I knew it wasn't how I wanted to live life. I get good grades in school, i'm on the school hockey team and my team won the championship three years in a row.

*Time played on Trobeano: 3/h months
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PostSubject: TrueC mod app   my mod app EmptySun Jun 10, 2012 3:44 am

An all right application, with many reasons for your argument, and you have experience too. I know you in game and you are more fun than some others (Tro) no names... but I am unsure of whether to grant moderator status. I am aware no more moderators are wanted but you are a Canadian and have a different time zone where it could be useful. So...

Accepted as a Trainee-mod

and then the admins can decide from there whether you are suited to the role.

Need help? PM me.
Any matter.
Any time.


my mod app Mca
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my mod app
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